The Gilmore Kit

Firefly teamed up with the Stainless Works team and is now proud to offer the Gilmore side pipe kit. This kit is 100% polished 304 stainless steel and has long legged 2-inch primary tubes to enable you to trim to fit your car. The kit includes the primaries to the turnout and will be available in 3 muffler configurations, from 2 inch to a 3 inch internal bore mufflers. All pieces are shown in the pictures.

A special thanks to the SW team for their efforts in helping make this a reality

****   COMING SOON!!!!     **** Exhaust packages for Corvette, Mustang, the new Challenger and others.






* 3" muffler - Most performance at the cost of some increase in sound

* 2-1/2" muffler - A step in the middle

* 2" muffler - Close to stock in sound with improved performance

* Rear hanger kit only for adaptation to OEM pipes




Complete Kit

Note: You will need to supply the mounting plate for attachment to your stub headers for your brand of car and a isolation rear body attachment.


Rear Hanger kit (shown below) available separately for those that what to improve the mounting system on OEM Superformance Mark III Side Pipes.  Original; brackets must be ground from existing pipes and mounting tubes (supplied) welded in place.



Click on pictures to enlarge

Primaries  -  Collectors  -  Mufflers

Inserts  -  Merge Spikes  -  Hangers


FPP Customer Cars





    Complete Kit      $2,175.00 +S&H

Rear Hanger Kit Only  $195/00 +S&H



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