Quality is the hallmark of Fire Performance Products

The following photos of merge collectors are just one example of how Firefly Performance Products

 beat the competition. 


Competitor "A"

a mild steel pipe

Competitor "B"

Stainless steel

This illustrated section through a competitors collector shows that because the excess header pipe is not trimmed the exhaust exit is partially blocked and the exhaust of opposite pipes is directed at each other rather than down the pipe as it should


Similar to "A" except the center nose is blunt causing even more turbulence and restriction


Competitor C

Stainless steel

Firefly Performance

Stainless steel


This is not a joke.  This is a brand new stainless steel side pipe.  Flow is nearly totally restricted

Here the illustrated section is through the Firefly Performance Products merge collector shows how a true merge collector provides a smooth, non restricting, flow from the header pipes to the muffler

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