Mark III Driveshaft Container

**** Strictly bolt on, no fabrication required ****

**** Made of high tensile steel, Powder Coated black ****


From the factory, the Superformance Mark III is built with a drive shaft hoop that is intended to protect the car occupants if a rear universal joint fails.  This Firefly container was designed to contain the driveshaft and protect the cars occupants regardless of the failure, including a front universal or yoke failure as pictured below.

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Rock Screen

The Rock screen helps to dress up the look under the car and prevents any rocks or debris from entering the area of the driveshaft. This screen is removable for service access to the driveshaft and U-Joints.






             Note  - Utilizes, your original Mark III Hoop (in black)          (color scheme only for illustration purposes)


Production model with optional rock screen

Driveshaft failure without the Firefly container

Before and After Install

OEM Hoop


FPP Container Install

OEM hoop moves from original rear position to a forward position

FPP hoops are positioned at each end and go completely around the drive shaft so it can not spin off center if there is a failure

Hoop install  - Plate install - Bolted in


FPP Customer Cars





$370.00 +S&H

  Optional Rock Screen   $20.00+S&H


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